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It's easy to Manage your Style Box Subscription 😊Updated a month ago

Hello Gorgeous!

Looking for a way to manage your subscription direct through our website?

Follow these easy steps:

1) Log in with this icon at the top of our homepage

2) You can select "Manage subscriptions" if you have not yet set your account up below the log in details OR you can log in and go to step 3

3) Once logged in with your account credentials you will see this screen:

You can either select the words "Click here" or Manage Subscription link under your name

4) You will be brought to your subscription details where you can manage your preferences from there:

5) Manage your preferences accordingly and you are all set!


1. Check your account online by logging in to -> Manage subscription to see if you have an active Style Club Order. If yes, You can wait for the selection invite sent via email informing you that you have from the 21st to the 27th of each month to update or select your items. 

2. Once your subscription is confirmed, Do not place an order on the website to avoid order duplications or being charged twice, and only update your orders on Manage subscriptions.. 

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