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RESOLVED Website IssuesUpdated 6 months ago

Hi Gorgeous!

We want to set your mind at ease!  We are aware of and actively working to resolve the following key known issues, as well as additional minor issues, site merchandising, typos, etc:


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Login not showing up on mobile (CHROME & SAFARI) RESOLVED

  • login is showing intermittently for some users while others are able to login

EVER pricing on some products is confusing as some CA pricing and US pricing have been mixed up RESOLVED

Birthday Rewards not working in cart RESOLVED

Customer is unable to change the affiliate they're shopping with RESOLVED

  • Customer shopping will need to use desired affiliate's referral link
  • Customer shopping can use desired affiliate's coupon code

Some Specialists are still showing at Affiliate Level - We are actively investigating this issue. We are aware that Specialists are showing as Affiliates and we are working to resolve the issue! RESOLVED   

EVER Combined discounts in cart descriptions aren't legible. For example, bundle discount + personal discount is jumbled together RESOLVED

Affiliate commission for a referred Affiliate shopping with them: RESOLVED 

Now that Affiliate discounts and logins are resolved (yeah!) we are getting reports that Ambassadors are not seeing the expected commission on affiliate orders by their referred affiliates. Rest assured, the system is tracking the information but the processing and assignment of the order are not yet in real-time. Stay tuned as we provide an update on the reporting fix for this. You do not need to worry that you will not get paid the commission.

 Affiliate unable to add Facebook URL in settings RESOLVED 


  • The coupon was showing an invalid code error at checkout for customers and affiliates.
  • The customer did not receive $10 off - RESOLVED
  • If another discount is applied to the order, you will not be able to apply the coupon code. This is not a error, please reach out to the Delight Center for a $10 off gift card for the customer.

EVER - The Daily at Home Facial has the Youthful Eye Concentrate listed as one of the products instead of the Youthful Face Serum. - RESOLVED

EVER - Pure Results Regimens will add to the cart for one-time purchase, but not for Subscribe To Save - RESOLVED

Affiliate Discount

Affiliate discounts were not correct/consistent.  RESOLVED


  1. EVER activation emails Emails from our may be going to spam/junk folders, preventing users from claiming their customer accounts. We have located the issue with the email configuration and are working to resolve this now. FIx estimate is early Tuesday, September 6th. Customers who haven't received their activation email are advised to check spam/junk folders first, and if still not found, contact us for a request to re-send this email once the configuration issue is resolved.
  2. Login is hard to find on the mobile menu RESOLVED


  1. Customers seeing affiliate view of account as if they were an affiliate: RESOLVED
  2. Customers are given affiliate status when placing orders. This was happening between 91/-9/4.

    Auto-registered affiliates: we have located and disabled this feature. Existing customers who were unintentionally enrolled as affiliates will be removed/reset. New/existing customers claiming their accounts have not been registered as affiliates since late Saturday afternoon. RESOLVED\


  1. Shopping with your ambassador is not showing on RESOLVED
  2. KEEP sliders, not in the proper section RESOLVED
  3. EVER skincare view all not showing RESOLVED
  4. On affiliate dash, you can toggle from ever to Stella but not from Stella to ever on desktop. Fix in progress

COMMISSION RATE ERROR Some new customer orders are not being paid the new customer order rate. RESOLVED We have located and believe we have resolved this issue. You may contact us and include the order number if you believe you have an order that is not showing the correct new customer rate.  However, we will identify and proactively resolve any cases. Contact is not necessary.


  • The Ambassador referral link & code description is confusing. RESOLVED
  • The NEW Customer coupon code description is confusing RESOLVED


  • Inaccurate ship price showing: RESOLVED
  • Canadian store should default to CAD Currency based on IP address. Actively being addressed.
  • Mobile navigation menu: Currency selection is being blocked by Affiliate Shopping Identifier. RESOLVED


  1. Points are only viewable on the Ever site. RESOLVED
  2. Only up to $20 can be redeemed at a time. RESOLVED


  1. The gift was not discounted as free in the cart. RESOLVED September 4th.
  2. 16 customers were charged which should have been. all refunds are in process. no action is needed by the customer or ambassador.


  • The lounge was taken down due to the migration, but is now back up! You can login here.

Affiliate Dashboard Glitches - RESOLVED

  • photo of affiliate appears on Stella site but not ever (at bottom left)
  • toggle appears on EVER site but not EVER
  • tab titles do not match
  • Quick links are not updating ( will soon show links to the help center for easy how-to videos and FAQs on Affiliate questions)
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