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Site Login. Clarity & An Apology from Our Website TeamUpdated 6 months ago

We have received numerous reports of users being unable to log in to their accounts at the new and sites. Here is what we have concluded: we messed up.  

Our communication around what to do as a customer signing on for the first time, vs what to do as an ambassador signing on for the first time, was confusing. There were technical glitches getting in the way as well; emails weren’t being delivered, that pesky ReCAPTCHA thing was being so unfriendly (we hate those things too!). This was a bad combination, for sure, and left so many of you feeling frustrated, confused, overwhelmed... and understandably apprehensive about engaging with our new site. 

Let’s start over. 

We want to offer some clarity around how to claim your account at our brand new and sites, and we hope that you’ll give us a second chance at a first impression. 


  • If you were a customer on our old site and have ordered in the past 3 years, you have a store account waiting for you at EACH of our new sites!  

  • All you have to do to claim your account is follow the instructions on the account login page. 

  • You must click the link (in red below) and submit the email address that was associated to your store account in our former site: 






  • Once you click through that “Activate your account” link, you’ll be asked to set a password. When that’s done, you’ll be ready to log into your customer account, and should receive another confirmation email: 


Because the sites are separate, you will need to do this twice – once for and again for Don’t worry, your store accounts are linked, but are still unique and require this additional step. 

  • If you followed these steps once before and never received an email: we have resolved the email deliverability issue and must ask you to please try again. The email should take no more than a few minutes to arrive after you’ve completed the RE-ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT form. 

  • If you followed these steps once before and DID receive an email AND clicked through to set a password and you still can’t login: If you’ve already tried resetting your password, or you’re not getting a password reset email, we’d love to hear from you! Please forward the emails you received with an “Activate your account” link to [email protected] or [email protected]  - you must FORWARD the emails, please do not send a screenshot! 

  • NOTE: For a brief time, Activate Account and Reset Password links were taking you to a blank page – this is now resolved! 

  • If after all that you’re still having trouble logging in, please send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] with subject “Login Trouble” describing your issue, and our task force will investigate and respond as soon as possible. 


  • If you were an active Ambassador on 8/31/2022, you have a store account waiting for you at EACH of our new sites! 

  • In this new system, your store accounts are all you need!  

  • All you have to do to claim your store account(s) is follow the same instructions for Customers above! 

  • Some of you (through no fault of your own) were pointed to as THE place to login – it is not! Everything you see there will be pulled into your store account Profile page after you have activated your store account. 


  • You DO NOT have to enroll, or even log in, at or Logging into this site, resetting password, etc, WILL NOT affect your store account. 

  • If you’re seeing reCaptcha you’re at the wrong site! We have temporarily disabled this feature on our store account logins. 

  • If you are able to login to today, but still can’t login to or, it is very likely you have NOT activated your store account. Please follow those instructions. 

  • Your affiliate account is linked to each of your store accounts, and you’ll find a shared Affiliate Dashboard in your store account’s Profile section         


  • If you were NOT an active Ambassador on 8/31, but were active in the 6 months prior, please contact us if you are interested in becoming an affiliate with Legacy Ambassador perks! 

  • If you were NOT active on 8/31 or in the 6 months prior, you must register to become an affiliate at or! 

No site is perfect, and we expect there to be a few one-offs and fringe scenarios that we haven’t rooted out yet, but we are confident that most login issues are resolved by following these instructions. Thank you for your patience and for supporting our beta launch, your contributions have been and will be invaluable as we continue improving your shopping experience. 

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