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Tier Maintenance QuestionsUpdated a year ago

Hi Gorgeous!

You can always know your tier status in real-time by logging into your Affiliate Dashboard and navigating to Goal Tracker.

Your Tier status will be displayed below the Sales Summary Tier Chart. 

You can see what the requirement is for each tier and where you currently stand in achieving the requirement. 

The date displayed is based on how many orders you currently have and may change as days pass since it is a rolling 90-day period. As each day passes, a new day is included i.e. January 1 - March 31st orders are counted until April 1st. On April 2nd, the rolling 90 days include January 2nd - April 1st and so on.

To ensure you maintain Specialist status, aim for 7-10 orders per month in case of returns.

For Star Ambassadors, aim for 5-7 monthly, and Ambassadors should aim for at least 1 customer order monthly.

Promotion Requirements

The requirements to promote to a new tier are listed on the left side of the chart below. Please be advised that if you do not maintain your tier, you will need to meet the promotion requirements.

If you have additional questions, please send them to [email protected]


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