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Brand Ambassador Program

2024 Ambassador Rewards Program

Hi Gorgeous!. Learn all about our 2024 Ambassador Rewards Program here. Have questions or feedback to share?  Please reach out to [email protected]. Xoxo,. S&D Team

Affiliate Commission Payout Option: DOUBLE the Value In a Store Coupon

Affiliates enjoy everyday personal discounts by tier. But what is the best discount of all? Affiliates can essentially shop 50% off anytime they opt to get 2X their commission payout in the form of a single-use store coupon for either o

How to Share A Cart

Want to share a cart with your customer for easy shopping?. Follow these easy steps!. Option 1: Share a Cart with Your Code. Browse the store for your recommended products and add to cart. Click ‘Share Cart’ and send the cart to your customer with yo

Ambassador Payouts and Discounts

How and when you get paid and the details about the awesome discounts you receive can be found below:. Payouts. Get paid on orders placed 21+ days prior. Select your payout method each Tuesday by 11:59 PM PST: Paypal (Default) or 2X store credit for

Subscribe to Text & Email Communications

We are excited to share updates and need to know info via text. In order to subscribe to legacy ambassador and affiliate texts please text GO STELLA or GO EVER to 833-268-0767. For email communication, like subscription notices, promotions, and other

How It Works: Ambassador Commission Order Assignment

Since our inception, we are so proud to have paid out over half a billion dollars in commission! We love flexible earnings for our Ambassadors and the life choices that enables for them! Thus, it is a top priority for our company to properly assign o

Access Customer Accounts & Dashboard in one place!

Hi Gorgeous!. We want to apologize for the confusion around where affiliates should log in to view account information and access the affiliate dashboard, and the affiliate community. To access the Affiliate Dashboard, Please login directly at

Weekly Commission Payout Set Up

Payouts are weekly on Wednesdays for orders that have passed their 21-day cash return window. Log into your account on and Choose to add a PayPal account or get paid in-store credit at 2x the amount of payout. For example, you